Current Screenshots

Screenshot with stars A screenshot as of 2006/07/31. The green grid has been replaced by parallaxing stars. The player's current colors are red and green, which can be changed in the configuration file.

Screenshot with menu A screenshot as of 2006/07/31. The menu is currently more functional than visually appealing. The game can be reset, and networked games can be hosted or joined from the menu as well.

Mockup Screenshots

Mockup screenshot A screenshot as of 2005/12/18. The latest version now includes both graphical explosions and a chat box. The energy (yellow) and shield (blue) bars have moved to the right-hand side.

Mockup screenshot A screenshot as of 2005/08/024. All elements of the mockup are visible, including red players, green enemies and grey asteroids. On the left-hand side, the scoreboard can be seen. Both players had requested the rather dull name "Player", but the second one got a numeric tag from the server.

Mockup screenshot A screenshot as of 2005/08/04, with the current "menu". The menu gives some key instructions, but doesn't do anything yet. On the other hand, the player has sustained some damage, as can be seen in the shield bar on the right.

Mockup screenshot A screenshot as of 2005/06/02. You can see a second player (each player has their own screen), the score display, the radar, the yellow weapon energy and the blue shield energy.

Mockup screenshot Another screenshot as of 2005/06/02, showing the distortion effect of the radar. This is especially visible in the radar's rendering of the (light blue) arena border.

Mockup screenshot This is a screenshot of the actual running mockup, as of 2005-03-08. The red (main) player's ship, rotated background, and ghostly blue arena boundary are shown.

Mockup screenshot This screenshot is a stylized mockup of the game screen. Note that the player is always facing upwards, while the scene rotates around the player. Only basic information (shields, score) are shown for now.

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